What We Offer

We offer only the finest F&I products and services in their categories, supported by the finest F&I service and training in the industry!

Every Product is:

  • Vetted to ensure that the services offered by the product are backed by the most solid and reputable administration and insurance carriers.
  • As gilded as the service that supports the growth of F&I profits and adherence to all of the laws surrounding each transaction in the F&I office.

Supported by the finest Service and Training in the industry!

  • Our unique selling system that embraces the growth of F&I profits using a customized menu is based upon the customer’s needs surrounded by selling techniques that adhere to the law governing each sale
  • We provide training for the Sales, F&I, and Service departments to maximize all profits!

The ProfitCompli® Selling System starts in Sales Department and ends in the F&I department. This patented selling system reduces the time customers spend buying a vehicle, important in today’s challenging marketplace.

The only real growth area for dealerships is in F&I Product Sales since finance reserve has been reduced from all lenders.

All these products qualify for additional Wealth Building plans, to even further maximize profits for the dealership and provide a more efficient tax platform for growing wealth from the sale of all the F&I products.

 After our initial evaluation, you will be provided solutions to your Wealth Building plans which includes both improved profits and improved compliance.

Your dealership will have a risk based defensible platform against expensive lawsuits and provide sustainable F&I profitability.